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Performance Cars- DRIVE 2010


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Mannix Package- DRIVE 2010


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DRIVE originally launched on ESPN in 2002, and hosted by former Motor Trend editor-in-chief, C. Van Tune ('02-'06,'10); Tore Dietrich ('07-'08); and Doug Brauner ('09,'11) this series quickly gained in popularity to become the highest-Nielsen-rated automotive TV series covering the major auto shows. Seen on ESPN and ESPN2 through 2008 (with the title of “Road Trip”, later re-named “DRIVE”) the series delivered the latest news and behind the scenes info from the world’s most important auto shows. Since 2006, the DRIVE series has been produced in high definition and moved to Discovery HD Theater, in 2009.

More than just a series about auto show news, DRIVE brings you what’s hot in the automotive aftermarket, plus classic car segments and tire-smoking driving impressions of the hottest new cars and trucks.

Our cameras and crew have traveled to Germany, France, Spain, England, Japan, Canada, and all across the USA, to keep you coming back for more.



Since 1995, HIT has worked with major trade and auto shows around the nation. HIT innovated event highlight satellite media tours, producing more content from these events than any other independent production company. HIT services the most prestigious trade shows in the US, including Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago Auto Shows, Consumer Electronics Show, Toy Fair, Electronic Entertainment Expo, Wireless and Intel Developer's Forum.

Our video, soundbites, news packages and live shots have appeared on CNN, NBC's Today Show, ABC's Good Morning America, CBS's Morning Show, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox, the BBC, ITN, and Univision. Plus, hundreds of network affiliates, independent television stations, and cable news services have incorporated our live shots into their regional or local newscasts. More recently, HIT has pushed its content onto the Web, utilizing video sites and creating To date, more than 1.5 billion television viewers have seen HIT event broadcasts.
Production specialists- with nine HD cameras, 2 jibs, Steadicam, and complete post production and graphics, High Impact TV is ready for your production, wherever it is and wherever you need it to appear.